June 25, 2009

Jump Street

Today Cameron and I went to Jump Street for the first time. We went along with Jaclynn and Trinity. Cameron was so active, Jaclynn and I barely got to hang out with each other. I think I ran as much as Cameron did! What an exhausting day! Whew!
It took Cameron a little bit to figure out the trampolines. She liked to run around on them until she saw the other kids were bouncing. Then the jumping thing clicked. She even attempted to do a somersault. Cameron liked to run all the way up to the red mat and then slide down on her belly. Here she is playing with one of the giant toys in the jungle gym room. She had to try everything out.
Trinity and Cameron played house together. There was maybe 5-6 houses that they ran to and from, in and out, non-stop!
I was out of breath most of the time we were there, so Jaclynn went and bought the girls crystal candy suckers. It was nice to have Cameron sit for 5 minutes so I could catch my breath! She really made me work today. She was all over the place!
(Sorry a lot of my pictures didn't turn out as well as I hoped. Cameron was always on the move. Then when I'd stop to take her picture, I would have to run after her because she was off again!)


Ed and Bobbi said...

She is such a busy girl. How fun though! I need to hang out with her, I think I would be thin like you, Kadee.