August 18, 2009

Peach Fest

The Peach Fest has become an annual tradition for us, and we love going every year. Cameron has been looking forward to our extended weekend for quite some time now. She really enjoyed all the Grandma and Grandpa time. :)
Cameron got to eat her very own peach. She loved it! Cameron riding on Grandpa Ed's shoulders. She was a little wiggly since Cole was trying to tickle her. :)
Luke and Cole. Luke went to school with Cole, and they were very good friends. It was nice for them to run into each other, and catch up for a little bit.
Cameron found a tree to climb. Our little monkey!
After the Peach Fest we stopped at a winery for some wine tasting. Here is Ed, Sam, Sarah, me, Cole, Aunt Becky, and Uncle Walt. The last one was cherry wine with a dipped chocolate rim. Yum! Thanks Bobbi for staying in the car with Cameron while she napped.
Our last night, we roasted marshmallows. Here's Cameron, Grandma Bobbi, and Grandpa Ed.
We had so much fun! Thanks for such a great weekend!


Katie & Curtis Kline said...

Sounds and looks like so much fun! We are bummed to miss it, but I am hoping next year we will be able to be there too. Kadee, I think I met you at the Peach fest....and that was before either of us were married - so much has happened since then!