February 20, 2010


I have been out of the loop with posting or even taking pictures lately :( Here's a little update to catch you up on our lives. School started for Cameron and I back in January and things are going well. Cameron is a chatter bug, talking, talking, and talking!! She's quite entertaining and fun to talk to with an amazing imagination. I started and later quit my job with Texas Roadhouse. The people were wonderful and I was enjoying the extra cash but our sweet Cameron was missing Mommy too much and acting out. So, I needed to refocus my attention back on her as much as possible. She seems to be doing better without Mommy gone for a couple hours during dinner. Biology and Public Speaking are going well so far for me. I'm enjoying the classroom atmosphere but not liking how early my classes are, ugh! Cole's still busy at work but has been a HUGE help to me this semester. He gets Cameron ready for school, takes her, and picks her up for me while I'm in class. It's sad for me since I can't see her in her class anymore. I'll miss out on parent/teacher conferences; but hopefully make it to her end of the year party since I get out one week before she does. Cameron has liked the extra attention from Daddy as well. I will try to take some pictures soon so that I can document it for all to see!!