May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

Today was a good day. I went tanning early so that I could come home and have the rest of the day to be with family. (I've been tanning for my friend's wedding that I'm in next weekend.) When I walked in the door Cameron was standing at the top of the stairs yelling, "Happy Mother's Day!" It was really sweet. My baby is growing up too fast. Cole said that he only had to work on it with her for two minutes before she could say it! :) We had a nice breakfast and I got a new case for my new camera! Then because of the rainy, cold weather and large crowds we went to pick up White Fence Farm and take it up to my parents house. It was delicious and a perfect Mother's Day meal.
I wanted to try out my new camera so I told Cole he had to take pictures with me. He had the same expression the whole time for the most part. I made it pretty fun though! He had a hard time keeping a straight face. :)
This is what we call the platypus kiss. You have to flatten out your lips as much as you can!
I was trying to be funny, angry, and clench my teeth all at the same time. Cole just thought I was weird.
I told Cole if he didn't smile I'd lick his nose! It kinda worked.