May 9, 2009

Today Was a Good Day

After the drama of our lamp going out in our TV yesterday, with an unexpected bill for repairs, today was more pleasing, relaxing, and not so stressful. I was able to drop Cameron off with my parents in the morning, and when I showed up I got an early birthday present. A new camera! It's purple and a touchscreen; pretty cool! Then I went with my friend to the mall, to lunch, and then to get our hair done together. It was good to have "girl time" and just be me for a few hours. I was especially excited about getting my hair done! The last time I colored it I had Cole do it. Ouch! I was impatient of course, so I had him pull it through a cap and bleach it. He did good for a first timer, but I wont be doing that again; pretty painful. :) Today I went in to a salon, ah a professional. She did such a good job, I love it! I think she has made a client for life! Plus she cut it, and I feel like a giant weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. :) I love the feeling of a new "do". Yeah, I'm pretty happy... Thanks mom and dad for my new camera and for watching Cameron for me today. It was a good day, I really enjoyed it!!